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  • Are you fed up of sharp hooks and tools that pull, rip, tug and dig into your scalp?
  • Have you experienced tangled roots?
  • Does interlocking your hair hurt?
  • Do you love well groomed locs but hate the unnecessary pain and discomfort you feel while having them retightened

      I GET IT, I FEEL YOUR PAIN....    

     "I created The RootLoc tool for Hairstylists and Locticians.        

      This tool is great for children and adults with sensitive scalps.

      Interlocking can be pain free due to its rounded tip."

      "This retightening tool is the answer to your problems!!!!

      Grooming your Locs can be a quick and pleasant experience."

      The RootLoc Tool was created by 14 year old Kwam√© Salmon.

      He won second place in the Pitch the Dream contest of 2016 for his invention.


      "Available online or in store"

      *Brought to you by Hasani Devine*

       How To Retighten Dreadlocks Using The RootLoc


      The RootLoc brand is not limited to this one tool.

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